What is Religious Science and how can you use it?

Religious Science is a Faith, a Philosophy and a Way of Life.  Is it a religion?  Not in the sense of doctrine, dress codes, liturgy or ceremony.  We have no dogma, no guru who has a private pipeline to God, no litmus test for attendance at our churches called Centers for Spiritual Living.  

All are welcome at our spiritual table, regardless of religious background, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.  Come, fellowship with us and let your Spirit soar as you experience what may well be the template for 21st Century spirituality and beyond.

We believe that there is a Divine Mind, a Great Intelligence, a Ground of Being that is the First Cause of all that exists.  Humanity has nicknamed this this Creator God.  Not a super being in the sky but a Life Force, a sentience that is rather like the Supreme Architect and Engineer of this Universe and many others.

We believe that thoughts are things, that they exist and that they are the building blocks of our personal reality.  In fact all that exists begins in the Mind of the Creator or a human.  Thoughts leave their imprint on The Law which, depending on the emotion behind the thought and the amount of belief in it, becomes form (reality).  The Law is like the wax in the tablet that the locksmith uses to make an impression of a key.  Our thought is the key.

We believe that the Universe and all that exists is subject to and operated by Law, both physical law and spiritual law, instituted before time.  These laws are immutable, they always work regardless of the person, ethnicity, gender or other factors.  Gravity is a good example.  An object will always fall when released from the hand of the saint or the sinner, the pauper or a King.  The Law works each and every time for all who use it.  It is scientific, can be proven and studied.  This is the Science in Religious Science.

The Law never fails, only the operator of the Law can fail to use it properly.  We believe that we can control the conditions and reality of our lives by changing our thinking, speaking and choosing by focusing on what we will allow in our lives, what we desire.  Most people think of what they fear or worry about bad things happening.  This type of thinking is creating exactly what is not wanted.  The Law creates the positive and the negative the exact same way.  It works through our thoughts, our constant stream of consciousness and our decisions and actions.

We can control our prosperity, our health and our happiness by what we think of day by day, the words we speak (words are thoughts given physical form) and what we do day by day.  You will hear many Religious Scientists say:  “Change your thinking, change your life”.

It is not easy, you must change for your life to change.  Life happens from the inside out.  Your life experience is merely the mirror of the inner life of your mind, heart and spirit.  “As you think, so you are”.

Where did these ideas come from?  A great American spiritual thinker and mystic, Dr. Ernest Holmes first synthesized the ideas of religion, science and psychology in the 1900’s and by 1926 had published his seminal work, The Science of Mind which we use as our basic textbook.  Dr. Holmes is the author of more than 30 books on the Science of Mind which are available on Amazon.com

You will often hear Religious Science called Science of Mind which is the book and the teaching.  Religious Science is not New Age, it is a practical, down to earth way of thinking, living and loving.  Dr. Holmes was a very practical New Englander; plain spoken and very down to earth. He did not consider himself as a guru or a man with a special pipeline to God.  He believed that Divine Revelation comes to all who are open to it.  Each of us has God within us, whether we realize it or not.

We acknowledge that there is no separation between God and everyone of us.   We know that we are living expressions of the Most High God and the Indwelling God, which are one and the same.  Ideas of God above and humankind as “weak worms of the dust” are the fatal flaw in most traditional religions.

We are part and parcel of God.  We live and move and have our being within the great body of God.  I like to teach my students that we swim in God as a fish swims in the ocean.  We need each other, we are partners in life and in creation.

We believe that we can heal any condition through use of Affirmative Prayer that we call Spiritual Mind Treatment or just Treatment for short.  This is not begging, pleading or asking, it is rather a statement of the real Truth of our being which is perfection.  What is imperfect is our beliefs, thinking and speaking.  To cleanse these we use affirmative prayer.  Prayer works on our Minds not on God.  God has already given us every good thing we need to create heaven right here on Earth.  We have free will as our birthright.  We may choose to create a Hell or a Heaven here on Earth.  We are always at choice.

Contact me at Revdore@Gmail.com if you would like a Spiritual Mind Treatment for a specific condition in your life that you wish to change.  Include your first name and just a few words of what you wish to change.  

Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian, YouTube.com/revdore