I Am a Religious Scientist


Hello, I am Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian, a licensed Religious Science Minister teaching the Science of Mind Faith, Philosophy and way of Life.  

What is Religious Science and the Science of Mind?  Glad you asked!

The Science of Mind is Dr. Ernest Holmes’ seminal work published in its first edition in 1926.  Dr. Holmes was from Maine, plain spoken but eloquent, clear but profound.  His life work was to take the best of Religion, Science and Psychology and synthesize it into one coherent philosophy of life for the 20th Century and beyond.  He called this philosophy Religious Science. The Science of Mind is available at Amazon.com in e-book and print or at your local book seller. 

Dr. Holmes is not considered by Religious Scientists as a guru or one with special knowledge of God but rather a wonderful teacher of the Perennial Philosophy; that thread of truth that runs through every major religion; when the rules, dress codes and ceremonies are stripped away.  The core principles of all major religions are the same, expressed in different ways to suit a particular culture and tradition. 

This melding of Science and Religion recognizes that there are Spiritual and Physical Laws that govern the Universe and that while physicists plumb the secrets of the physical; theologians seek the eternal truth of spiritual Law.  Soon we shall find that both paths lead to the same truth.  In fact, we already know that all that is created in the physical or the spiritual realm is created in the exact same way… by use of Natural or Divine Law.  

These Laws are knowable and many be used by any man or woman.  Law is not capricious, it works the same for the saint and the sinner.  Law plays no favorites, does not reward or punish but simply follows the Mother Law of all creation…The Law of Cause and Effect.  What you sow you surely shall reap. 

No Parent God dispensing reward or punishment is necessary.  What we put out we do receive back measure for measure, pressed down and overflowing.  We believe in a Creator God who is the Great I AM, which means that everything that exists here on Earth or in the Cosmos is part and parcel with God.  

We believe that we really do live and move and have our being within the great body of God, which is all Creation.  Our life is the life of God.  Our love is the love of God.  Every human on this planet or any others we may discover, is an expression of the Godhead. 

We believe that by wise use of our thoughts, words and choices that we can create whatever life we desire and that it is our birthright to do so.  Religious Science seeks to empower and teach all those who are ready to learn to change their thinking, speaking and choosing; thereby transforming their lives. 

We believe that prayer, properly used, can heal conditions of the mind, spirit and body but we also believe that the hands, minds and heart of the physician or therapist are the hands of God and that science and prayer go hand in hand in the healing process. 

We believe that prayer is to thought as a laser is to light; that it works on our mind, not God.  As the Master told us, God knows what you need before you ever speak your Word.  Affirmative Prayer, which is stating as already done what we need or desire, thanking the Infinite Mind for the power and then releasing it and letting it be so if the most effective way to pray.  

There is no need to beg or supplicate a God on High for what we need.  God is within and without and always with us, even when we deny Her. 

Religious Science is a faith and way of life for those who choose not to “park their brains at the church door”, but accept and understand that science is a part of God’s creation and that God and all of us are One. 

If you are finished with the “magic show” of traditional religion and want a loving, accepting, non-judgmental place of safety and love we invite you to come to the nearest Center for Spiritual Living (our churches) and supp at our spiritual table. Come celebrate the Spirit in you with us.  

Log on to CSL.org to find the nearest Center for Spiritual Living to you.  

You may contact me for prayer support or questions at revdore@gmail.com or Twitter @revdore