About Rev. Dore’

Hello, so glad you logged on the site!  My name is Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian

I have the great honor of being a licensed Religious Science Minister, teaching the Science of Mind faith, philosophy and way of life.  My job is to teach you and millions more how to empower your life and help you to change your thinking and change your life.

Science of Mind is the title of Dr. Ernest Holmes seminal work, first published in 1926 and reprinted in new editions and 64 languages in the years since.  This book will help you gain a new understanding of how life and the Universe works and how to change your thinking and change your life!   Pick up your copy on Amazon.com.  

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up in the San Fernando Valley.  Yes, I am a “Valley Boy”!  Los Angeles, then as now, was a safe haven for new ideas and new ways of living.  Unfortunately I was born with a severe case of Cerebral Palsy, which is incurable then and now.  All the great temples of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical School, Johns Hopkins, all agreed that there was little hope for a normal life for Dore’.  I should be institutionalized where I would receive lifelong care.

In this atmosphere of new ideas and new people coming to LA every day, Dr. Ernest Holmes began his work just after WWI by lecturing and writing about a new way of looking a God, Christ, Faith and the relationship between science and religion.  My mother and father, having exhausted all hope that medical science could help their little boy, went to a lecture in downtown LA on healing and on a different kind of prayer that had worked miracles.  The lecture was given by Dr.Ernest Holmes and that night he changed my life.

After the lecture mother asked if  if she could come see him at his Institute of Religious Science and he readily agreed.   Dr. Holmes asked one thing…..”can you see in your mind’s eye the perfection of your son”.  She said that this was all she had ever seen.  His reply was, “well Hildegard, let’s get to work!”

By the time I was almost 3 I could walk and shortly after I ran, rather clumsily but it was a run.  My shaking abated and though my eyes went their separate ways, I could at least see out of one at a time.  I made steady progress which confounded all the doctors who examined me.  No magic here just mental science.

Dr. Holmes gave my Mother a very power tool to assist my healing.  It is called Spiritual Mind Treatment, often called Affirmative Prayer.  The guiding principal of this healing tool is that perfection is the Truth of God and from perfection can come only perfection.  Our belief in imperfection and disease creates it.  Everything is created in mind before it comes into form; this is an obvious truth. Spiritual Mind Treatment treats our mind of error thinking and unhealthy beliefs.  We do not pull out weeds, we plant roses.

So it is with sickness, poverty, war, sorrow, wealth, joy, happiness, serenity and peace.  All these are states of being which we move into with our thoughts, words and choices.

Rather than begging or pleading for what you need or want to a God up in the sky, rather in Spiritual Mind Treatment you affirm that God and you are One, that you are a perfect creation of a perfect God and that you declare that whatever you desire or need in your life is already yours, awaiting your belief.  Give thanks and then release your word into Divine Law, knowing and trusting that it is done.  This is the way the Master prayed.

Spiritual Mind Treatment enabled my Mother and Father to facilitate my healing of an incurable condition.  Today I am as normal as anyone you know.  My gratitude to God and to Dr. Holmes and my parents is beyond bounds.

I am a Religious Scientist.  I believe in God with all my heart and I believe that Science, Evolution and all things great and small are created by the Great I AM that we call God.  I believe that we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls, that we are empowered by the Creator to create whatever life we can believe in and work to create.

May you walk in the Light of God and Love.