A Climate for Creation

There is one absolute constant in the Universe…..CHANGE!  Yes, nothing will ever remain the same.  We cannot go back, the past is dead and gone.  Learn from it but do not long to go back to it for that is impossible.

Creation happens in the turbulent stew of change and the uncertainty that it brings.  The secret of husbanding creation is to still our fear and know that we live in “interesting times”, as our Chinese brothers and sisters say.   This is a blessing, if we have the wit and mindset to see it and to use it to retool and refresh all that exists.

Everything changes.  You do not have one cell in your body from your 5th birthday.  They have all changed, you are a totally new person.

It appears that it is time for change in America and its been a long time coming! 

I am the oldest Baby Boomer; born just 4 days after the final surrender that ended WW2.

I was a child in the late 40’s listening to my mom’s Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Benny Goodman records as she taught me how to dance the Swing.

Then the 50’s, rock and roll and another nasty, cold and deadly war, The Korean Conflict reared its ugly head.  Korea began America’s role as the world’s policeman. We have been “walking the beat” ever since.  

There has not been a declared war since World War 2 but Americans have fought somewhere almost constantly.  Do we really want to continue this?

During my entire life we have lived in the “New World Order” that was proclaimed at the end of WW2.  America would lead the world, ensure the peace through NATO and other alliances and foster freedom and democracy  all over the world.  Never again would Europe lead the world into another horrible war.

The problem with this idea is that democracy is strong medicine for it requires self control and self responsibility to work and many cultures and nations are not at that point in their evolution. Remember it took us 200 years as a British colony and an oligarchy of the rich in America’s earliest years to be ready for democracy.

Based on the hysteria we have heard and seen from the losers in this election, perhaps we still have some work to do to learn how to live in a democracy. Losing or winning with grace seems to be a lost art. 

Yesterday, January 20, 2017 we just may have entered a new era in the history of this nation and the world.  Whether this is good or bad we shall have to wait and see.

While we work for the good, encourage love, peace and brotherhood; the Inaugural Address of President Trump was a resounding new manifesto demanding that we focus on rebuilding our nation, putting the American people as priority one and inviting our friends and allies to take a bigger role in their own destiny and defense.  Trump did not fold up the American umbrella but he did invite our friends to build their own.

I was heartened by his resounding condemnation of prejudice in any form and his appeal to Deity as the power behind all that we do.  The tone was defiant and a bit strident and I am sure that many were fearful and surprised.

I was not a bit surprised.  Mr. Trump is a nationalist and a populist and delivered exactly what I expected, but in much better form than I believed that he was capable of. 

Remember, however much power he thinks he has, Congress and the Supreme Court holds the “whip hand”.  He who has the gold rules….The President cannot spend a dime or make laws without the approval of both houses of Congress. 

Here is what I know as a Religious Science Minister and historian.  The republic will survive and may thrive with a thorough house cleaning; which is why we created Trump.  Make no mistake, our consciousness created exactly what is happening now.

To those who abhor Trump and all he stands for, I say see the good, affirm the good, do not prejudge.  The man is no fool and he is a consummate salesman and negotiator.  His wild pronouncements are in reality the prelude to a deal.

I did not vote for our new President and don’t much like him but like the pest control man who clears your home of roaches and other nasties; you may not like him but sometimes you need him.

The former President for all his wonderful personal qualities was no negotiator and could not sell central heating to an Eskimo.  Perhaps its time that we got the blunt instrument that is Donald J Trump.  We may abhor him but perhaps he is a tool of the change that must come if America is to move from policeman to shining example. 

I do not like narcissistic people, Trump is narcissism on parade.  His manner goes against my “old school” ideas of gentle behavior and decorum but we did not elect the charmer in chief; Americans voted for a national house cleaning; nothing more or less.

It has been said that a nation gets the leader it deserves and so it is in 2017.

Be of good cheer, this too shall pass!

Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian, Sarasota, Florida


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Dore' Patlian

I was born 3 days after the end of WW2. with Cerebral Palsy. I was scheduled for institutionalization but by the age of 3 the power of affirmative prayer, taught to my Mother by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and the Science of Mind had healed me to the point that I was walking and even running. Today I am 95% normal (whatever that is!) and have led a rich and full life to this point. A native Angelino (Los Angeles) I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, attended Cal State Northridge and after graduate work taught in the LA schools for almost 20 years. After teaching I went into non-profit management, working with the Boy Scouts of America, The Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation and the Science of Mind Foundation as a Development Officer. Today I teach Religious Science to people all over the world by the medium of the internet and YouTube. I am a licensed Religious Science Minister and have taught New Thought and metaphysics for over 26 years.

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  1. Well said! Yes we did create Trump. I was very saddened by the reaction of the losers. No one respects a sore loser! I like your statement that we should see the good, affirm the good.


    Alan Freeman, Phoenix, AZ

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