God’s Greatest Gift to Humanity

The Creator of all that is, the Deity, the Great Architect or whatever you choose to call the author and engineer of this Universe has created life itself,  including DNA which are the building blocks of all living things.

All substance,all space and time are subject to Law, both natural and spiritual and are all a product of the Word.  Our unique home, that we call Earth, is also a gift of the great Mind of God; custom designed to support sentient life.  

Such perfect engineering!  Plants take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen into our atmosphere.  We are engineered to breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  Our atmosphere is the perfect cocktail of gasses for human and animal life to thrive.   No co-incidences here; it is a very carefully designed plan authored by a Divine Mind which is beyond human comprehension.

One thing is certain.  We did not create this system ourselves.  Life is surely a gift of God, Rama, Spirit, however you conceive Deity.

  Without the Great Soul, the Divine Mind no life could exist.  We are eternally grateful for our home and our existence on this Earth.  But the greatest gift is yet to be revealed and unlike the other Divine Gifts it is unique to humankind.  Indeed, it is what makes humanity so unique, of all the other creatures that share our planet.

What is this gift?  It is the greatest gift in the Universe!  It’s IMAGINATION!

Many people believe that imagination is just “wool gathering” as my mother used to call it.  Just idle fancies that will come to nothing.  Mom was so wrong on this one!  Imagination is the greatest power in the Universe.  It is the power that God itself uses to create all that exists.  You see, unlike what we call reality,  imagination is not bounded by time, space or circumstance.

Imagination takes us places we have never dreamed of, allows us to create things that never were and to experience states of being unknown until now.  Perhaps most important, is that human imagination is what frees humanity to soar and create what has never existed, think thoughts never expressed.   We are  free from the bounds of precedent, free from the iron grip of the “way its always been done”.

Unlike our animal friends and neighbors on this planet, we can transcend time and space and the bounds of our physical being and be and do whatever we can conceive.   Alas my dog,  as wonderful as he is, will never transcend the state of “dog”. 

A dolphin or whale are among  the smartest animals on our planet but they cannot transcend being a dolphin or a whale.  They will never climb a mountain, learn mathematics or science, for they can never transcend the bounds of the sea.

Humanity alone can navigate the land, sea and air, even the vastness of space and time. 

God has given us a vital piece of herself.  She creates with her Divine imagination.  This is how we were created.   We create by human thought and word and God creates by Divine thought and Divine Word.  As scripture puts it: As Above, So Below

Creation is a matter of scale.  We create with our mortal minds and will one day break the bounds of time and space.  God creates the very stuff of life, sets the Laws that govern the physical and spiritual realms.  

Here are the tools of life:  Thought, word, deed, Law (both spiritual and physical) and most important IMAGINATION.   

Gene Roddenberry went to another time and place in his mind long before Star Trek ever appeared on TV or the big screen.  He was a Los Angeles police officer and if he can create the United Federation of Planets, an idea that spanned the galaxy itself, just imagine what you may create.  I have pictured Spok  at the masthead of this post in honor of Gene and millions of other Genes who transcend the here and now and point the way to the undiscovered country of imagination. 

Imagination: If you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can create it. 

Until we are together again, think only of what you will allow in your life and think nothing of what you do not want.  Thought are creative and they are the building blocks of your life and reality. 

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Dore' Patlian

I was born 3 days after the end of WW2. with Cerebral Palsy. I was scheduled for institutionalization but by the age of 3 the power of affirmative prayer, taught to my Mother by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and the Science of Mind had healed me to the point that I was walking and even running. Today I am 95% normal (whatever that is!) and have led a rich and full life to this point. A native Angelino (Los Angeles) I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, attended Cal State Northridge and after graduate work taught in the LA schools for almost 20 years. After teaching I went into non-profit management, working with the Boy Scouts of America, The Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation and the Science of Mind Foundation as a Development Officer. Today I teach Religious Science to people all over the world by the medium of the internet and YouTube. I am a licensed Religious Science Minister and have taught New Thought and metaphysics for over 26 years.

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